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The pacific west coast is the most earthquake-prone region of Canada

Geologists are predicting a 10% to 14% probability that the Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce an event of magnitude 9 or higher in the next 50 years

The government of Canada & The Canadian Red Cross ask that all citizens have their own 72hour survival kit

Although the majority of Canadians believe that having an emergency plan and emergency kit are important, only a small number of Canadians  have created them.

The world is an unpredictable place. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters seem to be a more common occurrence now more than ever. And when disaster strikes, we have very little warning, if any to react. If you are lucky enough to survive a disaster, the next 72 hours could be crucial to you and your families’ survival.

From medical emergencies to food, shelter and water shortages these are just a few of the challenges you and your family could be faced with.

Through extensive research and development, government recommendations and common sense TURTLE has developed quality disaster survival kits that give your family the necessary tools and rations to survive the first 72 hours following an emergency.

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TURTLE kits not only meet, but exceed disaster management industry standards as well as Red Cross and government recommendations.

TURTLE kits provide some of the most affordable kits of similar quality.

TURTLE kits are designed using only high quality components as opposed to low quality/unreliable “dollar store”items

TURTLE kits are packaged in airtight waterproof buckets with easy to carry handles rather than backpacks to avoid damage to contents in case of floods/water damage, pest and rodent infestation ect.

TURTLE kits use wind up radios and flashlights as opposed to battery powered units to avoid problems associated with dead batteries and damage to items from batteries sitting for to long.

TURTLE kits are available in many sizes and configurations. Custom, commercial, and office kits are also available please click HERE for more information


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